Thursday, May 24, 2012

Business Proposal (Alluvial Gold Dust)

May 24, 2012

Dear Mrs. Oumer,


Our company, West African Gold and Diamond International Ltd., is one of best gold and diamond suppliers in the world that cater to the needs of jewelry shops. We are capable to produce up to 50 kilograms weekly and 200 kilograms monthly for our potential buyers and we are ready to supply to any potential gold buyers from around the world at a very reasonable price below the international gold rate. We also provide the best service and security to our customers.

Following is the information of our product and we strictly transact on FOB basis.

  • Price: $ 31,000 per kilogram 
  • Quality: 22 karat plus 
  • Commodity: Alluvial Gold Dust 
  • Purity: 92.5% Better 
  • Quantity Available Now: 215 kilograms 
  • Origin: West Africa

We deliver within 72 hours after issuance of all the necessary export documents.

Please contact us to confirm your interest.

Best regards,

Mr. Omar Ian Balonzo
Chief Agent
West African Gold and Diamond International Ltd.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Marketing Letter (Renewable Energy Summit)

May 18, 2012

Dear Colleague,

The tenth annual Super GeoPower Asia Pacific 2012 event will once again be held alongside the Chinese International Renewable Geo-Energy Summit 2012 - which last year welcomed over 1,000,000 renewable energy professionals and experts to Shanghai for high level conference sessions, extensive networking opportunities and world class training programmes.

Early Confirmed Speakers Include:

  • Kendal Martin Sr, Chief Executive and General Manager, PETC (Philippine National Electricity Transmission Company) 
  • Alain Kindap, Deputy General Manager, Zuper Enerji Eletrik Ink 
  • Ernie Allen Ergin, Managing Director, GHTSS Inc 
  • Gina Mohammad Shoshan, Sales & Marketing Director, OEDV Energy Systems Inc. 
  • Errol Doom, Senior Expert, Chinese National Electricity and Energy Organization 
  • Peter Wagner Smith, President, Geothermal and Process Division, Malaysia National Gas and Energy Transmission Company 
  • Derek Pascual, CEO, Indonesia National Geoenergy Organization

For more initial agenda details, please contact us.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Anna Marie Ismail Koh
Marketing Specialist

Marketing Letter (Heathcare Exhibition)

May 18, 2012

Dear Mr. Sparrow,


The International Healthcare WWW Exhibition 2012 provides a unique platform for leading solution providers and senior medical and health care executives accross Asia.

Past Attendees include:

  • CEO, La Vista Healthcare Organization 
  • CEO, Snappy Sparrow Hospital 
  • CEO, Jack Sparrow General Health 
  • CEO, Carille Clinic Health System

If you would like additional information on the International Healthcare WWW Exhibition 2012 or any on other exhibition, please contact us and we'll be happy to assist.

Best regards,

Jake Karsa
Business Manager

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Business Proposal (Investment Portfolio Holders)

May 9, 2012

Dear Mr. Sparrow,

Our company, Mountain and Hills Investment, Inc, is one of the best investment companies in Asia that cater to the needs of shipping and logistics industry. At present, we have a back-log of an Excess Maximum Return Capital Profit (EMRCP) of an average of 1.15% on each private investment and corporate portfolio under our administration and control and we wish to re-invest this fund by putting it into the management of private businessmen and corporations with good business ideas that can generate at least 3.5% ROI per annum over maximum of 5 years duration.

In line with this, we are currently looking for fiduciary agents and management experts who will be willing to act as investment portfolio holders and administrators. Attached are the following documents for your reference:

1. Detailed Business Proposal
2. Company Profile

Our strategy to meet the state capitalism challenge involves a re-examination and robust deployment of the policy tools available to level the playing field in the home markets of the practitioners of state capitalism, in third-country markets, and increasingly here in our own home market so that open competition is maintained for all players.

We look forward to doing business with you. Thank you very much.
Best regards,

Patrick Nicholson Smith
Business Manager