Saturday, March 18, 2017

Announcement (Global Business Economy Report)

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Sharing with you the 2016 Global Business Economy Report. The tenth annual 
Global Business Economy Report, measures the pulse of self-employment globally. The 2016 study finds 90% of respondents have a positive attitude toward entrepreneurship. This consistently high interest in self-employment may illustrate the increasing significance of global trends like the gig economy – also known as the sharing economy, on-demand economy, peer-to-peer economy, freelance nation, etc. By any name, the trend of people seeking to work independent from an employer with greater flexibility is on the rise. The Global Business Economy Report results reinforces this trend, with 39% of respondents worldwide seeing self-employment more likely in five years than today and 56% feeling comfortable searching for and acquiring customers – a key element of self-employment. These results seem to be indicators of a changing world of work.

Respondents with a university degree (80 percent) are much more positive toward entrepreneurship than those without a degree (70 percent).  With respect to gender, 43 percent of respondents could imagine starting a small business but men (48 percent) are considerably more willing to do so than women (38 percent). Only 52 percent of women would be comfortable acquiring customers compared to 60 percent of men.

Global Business Economy Report also once again features the Global Business Economy Index. Full results and more information about Global Business Economy Report
 can be found here.

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