Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fixed Term Contract (Employment Contract)

March 11, 2010

Mr. Darwin S. Dizon
143 Esteban St.
Cabrera Pasay City

Dear Mr. Dizon :

We are pleased to inform you that we have favorably considered you for the position of Chef for SPARROWS TRAINING CENTER located at 1234 Wonderland Bldg. 1234 Roxas Blvd., Manila with a monthly compensation of Twenty Thousand Pesos, (P25,000.00) effective March 15, 2010 under the following terms and conditions:

1. Your appointment shall be on a fixed term period of One (1) year, which expires on March 15, 2011. During this period your performance shall be appraised, the result of which shall be the basis of Management for either continuing or discontinuing your service.

2. That your contract is a fixed term employment and as such, the Company reserves the right to terminate your contract at anytime during the period.

3. Your continued contracted services with the Company shall be primarily conditioned and dependent upon the satisfactory service and performance of the work assigned to you and it is within the exclusive discretion of the Company to determine whether or not such service is satisfactorily done. Also, in case of changes in operations due to business conditions and exigencies of the service or, when warranted by operational requirements and by actual or substantial economic reasons and justifications due to installation of labor saving devices, new method of processes, reorganization, work simplification and such other reasons analogous to the above in pursuance of the economic interests of the Company where it may become necessary to terminate your employment, you shall be advised accordingly and this contract of employment shall cease to have force and effect.

4. You agree to work beyond your normal schedule when required by your immediate superior and/or during holidays in case there are urgent tasks to be accomplished and/or immediate matters to be attended to.

5. You will be reporting directly to the Canteen Concessionaire.

6. You agree to accept new responsibility and/or place of assignment the Company wishes to assign you.

7. You agree to abide by all policies, rules and regulations of the Company in the course of your employment.

8. It is understood that any misrepresentation of facts made on your application for employment as well as any other information acquired by the Company regarding background reference checking that is contrary to our normal hiring procedures shall be ground for terminating this employment contract anytime within the period specified under paragraph 1 thereof.

9. You agree to work only for Sparrows Training Center, Inc. and not to engage in any outside occupation or business activity at any time without prior written approval from the Company.

10. You understand and agree that your good health and fitness is an important qualification and a material consideration for the Company to enter into this Contract with you. The medical questionnaire you have filled out and the medical certificate issued by the company’s accredited medical center showing good health and fitness to perform your duties and functions are the basis of this Contract. You also authorize the Company to have complete access to these records at any time during your employment with the Company.

11. You agree to keep the Company, both during and after your employment with the Company, fully and effectively indemnified against any and all lawsuits, losses, damages, injuries, deaths, expenses, actions, proceedings, demands, costs and claims, including but not limited to legal fees and expenses, that are brought against the Company or any third party, where such lawsuits, losses, damages, injury or death is/are the result of your wrongful actions, negligence or breach of contract, including but not limited to actions done outside the scope of your employment, or improper, unlawful or irresponsible actions.

12. Should you decide to pre-terminate from the Company, you are required to submit a 30-day notice prior to the effectivity of such resignation, otherwise failure on your part to do so will make you liable for damages up to the extent prescribed by law.

13. The terms and conditions of your employment are those stated on the foregoing and in accordance with existing and future Company rules, regulations and practices.

We welcome you to our organization and trust that your association with us will be mutually beneficial.

Very truly yours,

Jinky Haloshos
HR Manager

I have read and understood all the terms
and conditions of this employment contract,
and that the pay stated is according to my
qualifications and I signify my conformity
by signing below.

Darwin Dizon

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